Do You Need Renter’s Insurance?


Atlanta Apartment Renter's Insurance

Atlanta Apartment Renter’s Insurance

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Do you really need insurance if you rent an apartment instead of owning a home? When considering renting, you should always budget for renter’s insurance. When renting an apartment in Atlanta, or anywhere, is an important options to mitigate any loss of personal objects.

Unlike many home owner policies which cover up to a certain amount of loss on personal items, paying rent does not provide that type of security. Here are few articles that will help you understand the importance of renter’s insurance and why you should consider it.  As a resident at Country Squire Apartments, we require for the protection of all our dwellers to purchase renter’s insurance. Insurance can be purchased through the apartment complex, or you can select the insurance carrier of your choosing.  



How to Get the best deal before moving into an apartment


When moving into a new apartment, an often overlooked or undervalued step is obtaining renters insurance. While landlords themselves are insured, their policy only covers the building itself. Therefore, the responsibility of insuring your belongings and protecting yourself from a potential lawsuit lies with you the tenant. Renters insurance is designed to cover those belongings and personal liabilities in your new apartment or home.

The good news is, policies are often inexpensive, usually going for less than $20 a month, a small price to pay to cover thousands of dollars worth of valuables. That may include a TV and stereo, clothes, or computer. The policies themselves protect against damage caused by thunderstorms, tornadoes, fire and smoke, and burglary or theft. Some may also cover medical and legal expenses, in case someone else is injured inside the apartment.

There are quite a few companies that offer tenant insurance, but with so many options available, how does one decide what company to select? While it may seem like an extra pre-move headache, choosing the right policy is actually a simple process, if one remembers a few tips.

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People who rent their homes often question whether or not they really need renters insurance. Homeowners don’t have to question this because it is part of their mortgage requirement. For renter’s this is not always a simple decision because they often think that they are covered by the apartment complex if some disaster should strike. This is not the case. The landlord’s insurance will cover the structure and return it to a habitable form, but that does not include your personal items.


If you rent your home, you are actually more likely to experience some form of disaster, which requires insurance coverage to replace your belongings. This is because the number of people in a certain amount of area increases the risk of someone leaving on a stove, or leaving their water running in the bathroom, causing a flood.

In order to answer the question of whether or not you need renters insurance, ask yourself if you could replace all the belongings currently in your home, and still have some savings intact. You probably don’t. Even if you did, there are better places to spend that money than replacing all of your stuff.

Some other things covered by renter’s insurance include natural disasters like fire or lightning, wind or hailstorms, and smoke. Vandalism and theft, which is also slightly more likely in an apartment complex than a single family home, are also covered by most policies. Renters insurance will probably be cheapest if you bundle it with your other insurance policies, like auto or life.. Check with your agent to see if you can get a discount on your renter’s insurance.

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renter insurance and apartment insurance

Renter’s insurance. It might be something you never thought about. Insurance is for homeowners, right? You’re renting, so if the house or apartment is destroyed by fire or flood, it’s not your problem. You’ll just find another place to live and move all your stuff there. No big deal. Why bother with purchasing renters insurance?

But just what “stuff” do you intend to move to that other house or apartment, exactly? Your “stuff” will be destroyed, along with your landlord’s building. There won’t be anything left of yours to move if it’s all destroyed. You’ll be left with nothing but the clothes on your back – literally! Without rent insurance, this could happen to you.